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Edit is an advanced, real-time edit engine designed to increase your pharmacy’s overall profitability by reducing submission errors and optimizing third-party reimbursements. A series of pre and post edits is automatically performed, providing financial, administrative and legal compliance reviews on prescriptions prior to being sent to and received from the processor. Clear messaging outlining problems and suggestions is provided for those requiring pharmacist intervention.

Reduce claim submission errors.


Key edits, which check for such issues as improper DAW usage, incorrect pack sizes and use of discontinued NDCs, can help improve margins by preventing errors and monitoring compliance. New innovative edits are continually developed and implemented based on industry changes and customer feedback.



Online access to support tools and reports make business analysis and management easier. Customers can access several online support and troubleshooting tools, as well as numerous financial, management and compliance reports. These resources highlight trends related to drug pricing, generic usage, pharmacy management system issues, and high usage of edit overrides. Up to 90 days worth of claim data is available via the fast, secure, and reliable customer website.