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Self-Pay Coverage Advocate

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Identify patient coverage to improve account receivables, bad debt, and charity care.

Our Self-Pay Coverage Advocate service helps drive down uncompensated care by identifying coverage for self-pay patients, regardless of your state’s participation in Medicaid expansion. Our onsite staff consults with patients to determine their potential eligibility for enrolling them in government funding sources at the federal, state, and local levels to secure payment for accounts that would have otherwise resulted in uncompensated care.
  • Drive Down Uncompensated Care

    For hospitals that handle care for a significant number of self-pay patients, it’s critical to address uncompensated care, increase revenue, and reduce bad debt.

  • Uncover Coverage For Self-Pay Patients

    Proprietary technology combined with our trusted representatives assist patients in submitting applications and enrolling in the right program for coverage. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we simplify enrollment in Medicaid, federal disability programs, or Qualified Health Plans. Many patient-facing employees are approved by CMS as Certified Application Counselors.

  • Supports Patient Enrollment

    Our service enrolls patients in Medicaid for opt-in and opt-out states and supports federal disability enrollment. Our Certified Application Counselors support patients by providing direct access to portals, educating patients on available programs, and assisting with application submission.

  • Screen The Entire Self-Pay Population

    We identify potential charge recovery opportunities among inpatient, outpatient, and ER self-pay patients. Our services include electronic account management to uncover outpatient associated with inpatient accounts, analytics to find existing coverage, direct mail outreach, and high-touch outreach to patients.