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Referral Authorizations

Automated referral and authorization transactions
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Improve efficiency with automated referrals and authorizations

Our Referral and Authorization Network facilitates automated referral and authorization transactions and communication to the benefits workflow, allowing providers to directly confirm the authorization of services. Streamlining these transactions through our Referral and Authorizations Network can help to reduce operational burden and costs. The healthcare services review transaction includes prior authorization, specialty care, advance notification and referral.

  • Extensive Connectivity and Reach

    As the single largest financial and administrative healthcare network in the United States, we bring actionable data and analytics to the healthcare system providing unique insights for decision making. Our network solutions offer the expertise of an organization with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare claims processing industry.

  • Reimbursement

    With quick and accurate referrals and authorizations, providers ensure they are paid for the care they deliver while referring patients to much-needed services, which can lead to quicker payment and more revenue.

  • Patient Satisfaction

    When patients are empowered to navigate the healthcare system with ease, their ratings are typically higher. Facilitating a positive experience is possible by partnering with Change Healthcare.