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Claims & Denials Advisor

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Improve your ability to get paid faster and more accurately.

Claims and Denials Advisor is an intuitive, cloud-based solution that integrates with your hospital information system, practice management system, and accounts receivables system to increase clean claim rates, manage the denials process, and reduce receivable days. You'll see increased staff productivity and streamlined claims submission and denials management processes. You'll also gain insight into your operational performance to help optimize payer collections and drive revenue.

  • Helps Prevent Revenue Loss Or Delay

    Claims that are right on first submission typically get paid faster. Claims & Denials Advisor provides full visibility into the entire claims submission process and enables you to submit clean claims the first time through tools that validate and scrub claims prior to submission.

  • Optimize Appeals

    Using custom appeal letters and letter categories created from an appeals library, our claims scrubbing engine improves clean claim rates and days in accounts receivable to make appeal management easier than ever. Optimizing claim and remittance processing starts with being connected to virtually all local, state, and national players.

  • Easily Identify Rejected Claims

    Our denials management service allows users to quickly identify and resolve underpaid or denied claims based on root causes, patterns, and process breakdowns. These rejected claims can then be worked within your customized work queues.

  • Shorten The Revenue Cycle

    Streamline the reconciliation process and accelerate cash flow with tools that help you simplify enrollment, eliminate paper, and process secondary claims faster. Electronically deposit claim payments to the bank of your choice, and centralize storage and retrieval of remittances and payment data.