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Patient Access Advisor

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Improve upfront collections and reduce bad debt risk.

Patient financial clearance is critical to reducing denials and getting paid faster. Patient Access Advisor provides eligibility and benefits verification, patient responsibility estimation, address validation, healthcare risk-scoring, registration quality assurance, automated pre-authorization, custom work queues, and Medicare medical necessity evaluation. It also has the ability to take patient payments, anywhere at any time.

  • Streamline Eligibility Checks

    Automated and easy to use, Patient Access Advisor helps you verify eligibility prior to, or at the time of service, improving collections and reducing bad debt write-offs so you get paid faster. You can also check eligibility in large batches to simplify the next day’s patient roster.

  • Collect Patient Payments

    Using your existing eligibility and remittance data, Patient Access Advisor automatically estimates the total amount to collect from the patient at the point of service. Integration with your financial and operational workflows helps improve efficiencies and optimize revenue.

  • Improve Patient Experience

    Patient Access Advisor enhances transparency between providers and patients. Payment estimates are printed in an easy-to-understand format. Sharing this information with patients empowers them to make informed financial and care decisions, improving their overall experience.