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Receivables Advisor

Consumer-Friendly Patient Billing and Payments
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Increase patient payment collections.

Receivables Advisor simplifies each step of the payment process, empowering you to collect more patient payments, get paid faster, and reduce both your cost to collect and patient write-offs. Receivables Advisor drives patient payment before, during, and after the encounter by personalizing communication and making the process easier for patients to understand. In addition, our bundled merchant service lowers your costs and improves revenue performance.

  • Statements

    Change Healthcare’s Statements deliver advanced statement and invoice processing with an emphasis on the patient experience. Developed through a human-centered design thinking process, our Statements guide patients to pay while minimizing confusion. With omni-channel capabilities, statements integrate easily with our other consumer payments solutions to boost the speed of collections.

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  • SmartPay

    As a patient-centered platform, designed to simplify patient payments, SmartPay can help providers collect more revenue at a lower cost by integrating tools for point-of-service collections, patient payments online, phone pay, personalized communications, patient lockbox, and merchant services. With expertise in design thinking, user experience, and data science, our team is innovating ways to collect more patient payments.

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  • Merchant Services

    Offered as part of the SmartPay solution suite, Merchant Services offers patient payment management that’s optimized for healthcare. It combines multi-channel payment options with merchant processing to streamline collections from credit and debit cards, along with physical and electronic checks through an online patient portal, point of service, lockbox, and phone payment system. Our bundled merchant service simplifies billing and reduces costs.

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