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Remittance Advisor

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Streamline and automate payment posting and remittance management.

Remittance Advisor is a complete solution that facilitates, expedites, and automates payment processing and posting activities. The solution components include Healthcare Lockbox, EOB Conversion, Funds Verification, Posting Enrichment, and Correspondence Processing. These services help reduce costs and improve efficiency in your billing office processes.

  • Improve Remittance Processing

    Posting Enrichment transforms your remittances from transactions to tools, creating a provider-defined billing system input that optimizes office workflows. This service takes any payer’s ERA or EOB and applies advanced business rules, including splitting, bundling, aliasing, labeling, and shopping logic to streamline posting.

  • Eliminate Paper Postings

    EOB Conversion lowers costs and drives revenue by converting paper into auto-posted, complete, and accurate 835 files with high-pass yields.

  • Replace Manual Processes

    Remittance Advisor components work together to minimize manual processes, including Correspondence Processing, which indexes non-payment paper workflow and sends the data to provider imaging systems or our online platform. This service reduces manual clerical tasks and paper handling burden, resulting in lower processing costs and faster turnaround.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Healthcare Lockbox is bank-independent and offers sorting and processing of inbound paper documents at a lower cost. Paper payments and EOBs are analyzed with ERAs and EFTs through our Funds Verification solution, which automates the matching of remittance data and deposits. The output is a funded 835 ready for posting, which yields faster revenue.