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Revenue Discovery Advocate

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Optimize revenue capture through accurate reimbursement.

Revenue Discovery Advocate solutions optimize reimbursement with advanced analytics, proprietary technology, and expert staff. We offer audit and recovery services, outsourced accounts receivable management services, underpayments and denial recovery, and reporting. Utilize this portfolio of tools and our team of experts to capture and recover revenue and prevent leakage while improving processes with keen analytics insights.
  • Charge Insight

    Hospitals are routinely under-reimbursed because of missed charges and underpayments. As an intuitive, cloud-based solution, Charge Insight uses an advanced machine-learning model that works with your hospital’s existing system, workflow, and real-time auditor feedback to identify and capture potential missing charges in outpatient, inpatient, and physician accounts. As a result, Charge Insight creates a more efficient auditor workflow.

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  • Coverage Insight

    Coverage Insight identifies previously unbilled and underinsured patient accounts for missed funding sources. By leveraging advanced analytics and our extensive information network, this solution systematically screens placed patient accounts for missed billable commercial, government (including Medicare and Medicaid), and casualty insurance coverage. Our patient-centric solution can target, verify, and capture the complete insurance profile for each of your open balance accounts.

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