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Business Transformation & Optimization

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Transform your enterprise to enable rapid change and growth.

Change Healthcare Consulting helps health plans modernize their infrastructure and transform their operations into nimble, efficient enterprises that can respond to ever-changing market demands. Leveraging modern technology solutions and redesigned business processes, health plans can become more cost-effective, consumer-centric, and provider-friendly. Change Healthcare consultants have the expertise and tools to help you capture opportunities from change.

  • Stabalize enterprise systems

    Our consultants work with your organization to help create secure, efficient, and stable systems to eliminate business disruptions, accelerate business processes, and provide an outstanding consumer experience.

  • Improve member engagement

    Our consultants bring clarity to a haze of information and analytics. They help organizations implement solutions that make cost, quality, and consumer experience more transparent, which enables smarter healthcare.

  • Implement alternative pricing models and value-based services

    Our consultants help organizations evaluate existing capabilities, identify critical gaps, and implement cost-effective solutions to rapidly enable innovative payment models.

  • Work with key trading partners

    Our consultants work collaboratively with your health plan and its trading partners to bring together technology, process, and people to integrate business workflows throughout your healthcare ecosystem.