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Dental Claim Attachments

Dental Claim Attachments
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Help reduce costs, gain efficiencies and simplify claim attachments

Electronic dental attachments help eliminate the cost of processing paper attachments. We make it easy for providers to understand the payer’s requirements, which increases electronic attachment submissions, helping save money for both payers and providers. Payers using the Dental Connect portal or URL/Hyperlink only incur a fee when an attachment is viewed, no subsequent views of that same attachments will incur a fee.

  • Improve Accuracy and Drive Adoption

    Dental Claim Attachments from Change Healthcare leverages our expansive Intelligent Healthcare Network™ to offer a cost-effective attachment solution. We make it easy for providers to understand payer requirements, which helps improve accuracy and increase provider adoption of electronic attachments.

  • Reduce Costs Associated with Paper Attachments

    Adoption of electronic attachments is beneficial to both payers and providers, which helps drive provider adoption. Since dental practices send on average 2,200* claims per year through our Intelligent Healthcare Network™ - half requiring supportive documentation - payers stand to save thousands of dollars each year by eliminating paper attachments. *Based on Change Healthcare data