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Dental Connect

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Dental Connect is an intuitive, web-based portal that streamlines electronic claims submission and payment processes. Features include eligibility verification, rejections and denials management, dental attachments, ERA management, and electronic funds transfer. Payers can white-label the portal, and some choose to subsidize the cost for their providers, which helps drive utilization. Dental Connect also helps improve payer-provider engagement.

  • Drive EDI Adoption

    We make transitioning to electronic claims painless for providers, removing pushback so you reap the benefits faster.

  • Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiencies

    Dental Connect helps reduce the cost burden associated with paper-based claims by eliminating paper attachments, paper faxes, and paper checks. Dental Connect also reduces time spent tracking down lost or misplaced documents.

  • Industry’s Broadest Dental Network Connectivity

    Our Intelligent Healthcare NetworkTM connects to more than 120,000 dentists, and 650 dental payers nationwide to facilitate fast, accurate eligibility information.