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True View Health Shopping

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Deliver cost and quality information in a fast and friendly way

True View guides your members to shop and save on health services and prescriptions while comparing price, quality, providers, and nearby locations. More than just an easy-to-use platform, True View integrates seamlessly with other wellness tools and incentive programs in one connected hub—making the experience easier for everyone. As your members shop and save, your organization saves too.

  • Well Alerts

    Send relevant and timely health information to your population to improve prevention and wellness. As your members make better choices, your organization’s health outcomes and cost trend will improve. The Well Alerts Library covers wellness and preventive care, point-of-care optimization, immunizations, and more. You can send specific, customized messages to complement your priorities and existing health initiatives.

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  • Ways to Save Alerts

    Different providers charge different prices for the same prescription or medical services even within network. Ways to Save Alerts finds those differences and suggests saving opportunities. That could be as simple as changing to a pharmacy across the street, or trying a different doctor in the same part of town.

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  • Support Portal

    Support Portal provides one-on-one assistance to help members review providers, costs, quality, and change preferences. Your care advocates can walk through the savings process with members and help them make the choice that’s right for them.

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  • Provider Directory

    Health plan members can easily search and compare doctors, specialists, hospitals, imaging centers, surgery centers, and more in a user-friendly interface. Combined with our True View™ engagement platform, Provider Directory will improve your members’ experience and help create smarter healthcare shoppers.

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