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Eligibility and Benefits Verification Network

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Help reduce costs by efficiently managing member data.

The Eligibility and Benefits Verification Network allows providers to access real-time eligibility and benefits information. Transparency around benefit information for each patient allows providers to determine if the patient is eligible for the service being considered and that necessary information is available and accurate. Taking these steps at the point of service ensures that appropriate payments will be made and received by all parties. Real-time transactions are accessed with either a direct or hosted connection.

  • Strengthen provider self-service

    Providers can determine benefit eligibility at point of service to ensure appropriate care is delivered and reimbursed. Availability of comprehensive member eligibility data enables you to serve your provider networks in the best way possible. Real-time transactions are driven from existing technology platforms for seamless workflow.

  • Help increase cost savings

    We offer a comprehensive approach for efficient management and utilization of member eligibility data that helps drive administrative and medical cost savings. Enabling providers to conduct automated eligibility transactions early in the process helps improves claim accuracy and associated cost savings.

  • Facilitate regulatory compliance

    Our nationwide network reach allows us to connect to virtually any system for all payer-to-provider HIPAA-mandated transactions. Government benefit reporting mandates and facilitates HIPAA and CORE compliance. Our clearinghouse is also ENHAC certified.

  • Leverage our experience

    Change Healthcare is the single largest financial and administrative healthcare network in the United States. We bring actionable data to the healthcare system, providing unique insights for decision making. Our network solutions offer 20 years of experience and expertise in the healthcare claims processing industry.