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Member Payment Advocate

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Simplify the medical premium payment process.

Member Payment Advocate is the member-friendly consumer payment solution that makes it easy for health plans to bill and collect premium payments. It deposits payments into the appropriate accounts and posts consumer payment information to streamline your workflow, while mobile, online, IVR, lockbox, in-person and agent-assisted payment options improve consumer choice and satisfaction.

  • Simplify The Premium Payment Process

    Streamline your processes by automating the presentment and collection of premium payments in an omni-channel environment that is integrated into your workflows.

  • Improve Engagement And Retention

    Maximize consumer choice and satisfaction by allowing interactions through the channel they prefer. Mobile, web, IVR, lockbox, agent-assisted, and in-person payment options have integrated access to all funding sources.

  • Reduce Administrative Costs

    Reduce administrative costs by automating the premium bill presentment and payment process, depositing funds into the appropriate accounts, provisioning consumer payment posting information, and reducing support calls.