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Payment Network Advocate

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Reduce expenses while maximizing payments.

Payment Network Advocate is the industry-leading healthcare payments network - minimizing payment distribution costs through the broadest array of payment options in a single platform. Our preference-based payment analytics determine the most cost-effective payment distribution method across a network of over 600,000 providers. Payment Network Advocate also reduces print and mail costs by consolidating printing and correspondence.

  • Maximize Electronic Payments

    Payment Network Advocate maximizes the adoption of electronic payments methods by providing the broadest array of options to meet the demands of your providers. Intelligent routing identifies the preferred electronic distribution method for each payment transaction.

  • Minimize Payment Distribution Expenses

    In addition to savings gained by converting paper payments to electronic, Payment Network Advocate reduces print and mail costs for print-related payments by consolidating printing and correspondence. Participation in the Change Healthcare Healthpayers USA Postage Cooperative offers significant postage and operational savings.