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Program Integrity View

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Effectively manage program integrity audit activities

Change Healthcare Program Integrity View is a stand-alone case tracking and management tool designed to assist in the audit/review process. As a repository and notification system for all audit case activities, it provides the ability to not only record when certain actions have taken place, but to also notify the next step and due date in the process.
  • Track Processes Efficiently

    Accepts all cases regardless of case source, providing one single repository of information. Staff and management are kept informed of each case status and can view communications and post payment activity. This ability enhances coordination of activities between multiple agencies, staff, and Change Healthcare.

  • Customize To Fit Your Needs

    Program Integrity View is fully configurable to adapt to case management healthcare monitoring activities and programs. The criteria can be customized for all types of interventions with members and providers ranging from PA requirements to lock-in methods, as well as providing educational efforts.

  • Streamline Workflow

    Workflow navigation allows for seamless transitions from data entry and case recording activity to the running of customized reports. From the dashboard, users can select specific cases or group of cases from over a dozen field selections and download the results for viewing and additional management.